The Astir CS is a very popular club glider, and very nice as a first fibreglass single-seater. This model is converted from a Microsoft Flight Simulator model made by Max Roodveldt (

The Astir CS (Club Standard) is a single-seat club class sailplane, manufactured by Burkhart Grob. The Astir CS was designed for clubs as well as private owners who required an easy-to-fly glassfibre sailplane with a large roomy cockpit. First flight Dec. 1974, production started July 1975.

This aircraft is converted from an original MSFS model by Max Roodveldt ( The textures have been modified to match LN-GBX which is operated by Ringerikes SFK in norway.


To install the aircraft, unzip the file into the Silent Wings data folder, usually C:\Program Files\Silent Wings\Silent Wings\data

For Linux users, unzip to $SW_HOME/data

Mac Users: Unzip and drag/drop the files from the subfolders “aircraft/astir” and “airfoils” into the corresponding folders in SilentWings/data. Make sure that you don’t overwrite any existing folders!

Download (3.6Mb)