The ASW 28 is the newest FAI standard class glider from Alexander Schleicher. This successor of the ASW24 uses almost the same fuselage as the 24, but has a completely new wing design with significantly improved performance when circling in thermals.

This Silent Wings model is converted from an original by Peter Franke made for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The aerodynamics are re-made for Silent Wings by Ola Røer Thorsen.

In this model you can open and close the canopy by pressing SHIFT C. Also notice the tilt-up panel in the virtual cockpit. This model also has an animated pilot in both inside and outside views.


To install the aircraft, unzip the file into the Silent Wings data folder, usually C:\Program Files\Silent Wings\Silent Wings\data

For Linux users, unzip to $SW_HOME/data

Mac Users: Unzip and drag/drop the files from the subfolders “aircraft/asw28” and “airfoils” into the corresponding folders in SilentWings/data. Make sure that you don’t overwrite any existing folders!

Download (4.5Mb)