The SG-38 was used for basic flight training in the early days of soaring. First flight was in 1938, more than 8000 gliders were built in the following 10 year period. The most common start method was bungee lauch at ridges, and the flight durations were measured in seconds.

This 3D model was originally made by Wolfgang Piper, who kindly gave us permission to use it for Silent Wings. See more of Wolfgang’s sailplane models at The aero model has been set up with big elevator travel, which makes it able to spin. Mostly the SG 38 had a limited upward elevator deflection in order to prevent this, but we think you may have more fun in the simulator having the full control range available.


To install the aircraft, unzip the file into the Silent Wings data folder, usually C:\Program Files\Silent Wings\Silent Wings\data (Select this as “Target Directory” in your Unzip program).

For Linux users, unzip to $SW_HOME/data

Mac Users: Unzip and drag/drop the files from the subfolders “aircraft/sg38” and “airfoils” into the corresponding folders in SilentWings/data. Make sure that you don’t overwrite any existing folders!

Further Info

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