The Super Cub is a very popular towplane. This beautiful model is converted from an FS2004 model by J.E.Narcizo. Just download and install it in to get an alternative to the standard pawnee towplane in Silent Wings.


To install the aircraft, unzip the file into the Silent Wings data folder, usually C:\Program Files\Silent Wings\Silent Wings\data

For Linux users, unzip to $SW_HOME/data

Mac Users: Unzip and drag/drop the files from the subfolders “aircraft/supercub” and “airfoils” into the corresponding folders in SilentWings/data. Make sure that you don’t overwrite any existing folders!

You will now get an extra choice called supercub on the tow plane selection menu (right of the Start Method selector).

The Super Cub has a bit weaker engine than the Pawnee included in Silent Wings, so towing will take a bit longer.

Download (511Kb)