About Us

The company

Silent Wings AS was established in 2004 for the purpose to develop, market and sell the Silent Wings product line to the international soaring and flight simulation community.

Silent Wings was a spin-off from Simula Research Laboratory and much of the complex simulation and graphics rendering methods were developed in this advanced research environment.

The team

Silent Wings was developed by two norwegian soaring enthusiasts, Thomas Sevaldrud and Ola Røer Thorsen. Ola also worked on the development of the Lange Flugzeugbau Antares glider, and the Antares became a natural test platform for developing the aerodynamics engine of the simulator and lots of cross-testing was done to compare the models to the real thing. Thomas has worked mostly in computer graphics programming and geographical applications, and has developed 3D engines, both for gaming, tactical planning and TV broadcasting.

In the years since the release of the first version of the simulator software, both the developers have started families and gotten new day jobs which take up a lot of time. We still do work on Silent Wings from time to time though, and hopefully a new set of products will be forthcoming in the not so distant future…

Contact Information

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