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Demo of upcoming Norway scenery

The first commercial add-on scenery for Silent Wings is soon to be released. To get a glimpse of what to expect, we have made a small area available for free download.

The demo scenery covers an area of approximately 40x40km around Notodden airport which is a very nice gliding area.

There is a nice ridge just north of the airport which tend to be crowded on weak thermal days. A little to the west you can fly to the Himingen and Lifjell mountains.

The full scenery is over 100 000 sq km of the most active soaring area in Norway. It covers most of the gliding sites in south western norway such as Elverum (the national gliding centre), Hokksund, Frya, Eggemoen, Bjorli, and of course Notodden. It also covers some of Norway's most beatiful areas such as the Jotunheimen and Rondane mountains.

The scenery also contains buildings and models by the team behind the highly acclaimed Norway Airports scenery for Microsoft® Flight Simulator™

Notodden is the base for two very active gliding clubs, and used to be the national centre for gliding in norway. To read more about it, see the following links:

(These pages are mainly in norwegian, select "Galleri" or "Bilder" to see some pictures from the area)


To download, click here:
NorwayDemo.zip (59Mb)

To install, just unzip this file into the Silent Wings\data\scenery folder.

Known issues

You need to reduce the thermal activity setting for this demo scenery since the small area will be overfilled with thermals on the default setting. This is caused by a known bug in the current version of the simulator and will be fixed in the next patch. This issue will of course not be relevant in the full scenery.