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Online multiplayer preview

After months of development the Silent Wings multiplayer patch is ready for public testing. If you're interested in flying online with people from all over the world and can live with a few occational glitches you should definitely try it out.

It has already been available through our forums for a week and the servers have been fairly busy each night. On saturday there even was a small LAN party in a german gliding club who flew a competition task, and the feedback was very positive!

There is still plenty of room for more players though, and if we should reach the current limit we can set up some more servers.

To download, go to the Preview pages and follow the instructions there.


There are currently 4 servers available, two for the Minden area and two for the Europe/Alps region. Each region has one free flight server and one task server.

The free flight server has no restrictions on which functions you can use during flight and no official task. If you want, you can define your own task and compete with other players who have the same task, or you can just fly around.

The task servers have a bit stricter rules; No thermal visualizations and no track visualization (or else you would see where all the others had been circling).

The alps task server has a 150km ridge flying task which goes from Sion, Switzerland to Mt. Blanc. This has been very popular with the beta testers and we have seen average speeds of up to 150km/h which is impressive, especially considering the long climb.

The Minden task server has a 162km FAI triangle from Minden via Truckee. The conditions on the Minden servers are generally a bit easier.

To see who's online and to keep an eye on the current competition standings on a given server, use this web page:

Frequently asked questions

Q: How do I chat with other players?
A: Press Enter to open the chat window and type your message there

Q: Do you support voice chat?
A: Yes, we are currently in the process of setting up a TeamSpeak server. More info on that shortly.

Q: I pressed pause and suddenly my aircraft is uncontrollable! What gives?
A: There is no pause function in Multiplayer (or else we would have planes hanging motionless in the air :-). The pause button will instead engage the auto pilot which continues in the same bank and speed as you had when pressing it.

Q: Can I set up my own server?
A: Yes, but not right now. We need to make a user interface to control the server parameters first. At the moment it requires a lot of manual setup through config files. The server will be released as a free add-on as soon as this setup interface is ready.

Be sure to check out the forums for discussions on the Multiplayer and other Silent Wings related topics.