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New european scenery available

More free scenery for the european alps, and a small bit of Germany has been released bringing the total area up to a whopping 300 000 square km!

More areas are in production, and the free scenery will eventually cover large parts of Europe, including the Alps, Germany, France and UK.

The gliding centre at St. Auban contains buildings and hangars orignally made for Microsoft Flight Simulator by Mr. Roland STUCK who has kindly let us use his excellent work.

The scenery is divided into several smaller blocks, so you can download the ones that cover your area of interest.


To install the scenery packages, download the zip file and unzip it to the data\scenery folder. If you installed in the default location, this will be c:\Program Files\Silent Wings\Silent Wings\data\scenery.

For linux, this would be $SW_HOME/data/scenery

Select this as "Target Folder" in your unzip program and extract the files.
You should now have a subdirectory called "Europe" in the scenery folder.

The resolution and quality of this scenery is somewhat lower than the default Minden scenery.
The reason for this is that the free sources of geographical data for Europe is considerably lower quality than similar data for the U.S.

We still feel that the scenery looks good, though, and it is very well suited for review of IGC logs, and for getting familiar with the region.

The lower resolution also has the positive effect that the download is much smaller (Each block is 50-75Mb).


You can either download the entire scenery in one large package (1.5Gb) or by separate blocks.

To download the entire scenery in one huge zip file, click here:

Complete scenery (1.5Gb)

Important! This file is too big for certain versions of the WinZip unpacking software. This causes only half of the blocks to be unzipped correctly. Using WinRAR (www.rarlab.com) instead will solve this problem.

If you are unable to downlad the large package, you can download each block by clicking on the corresponding area in the map below.

Greyed out areas are not available yet, but will be added as soon as they are finished.