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Silent Wings at the Vågå Wavecamp

Silent Wings was present at this year's wavecamp at the frozen Vågåvatn lake in Norway. We had some very nice days there with some great flying and some interesting experiments related to Silent Wings and wave models.

Here we can see some weak wave and hang conditions. Red is lift, blue is sink
In cooperation with Storm Weather Center we presented some visualizations of predicted wave systems in 3D by utilizing the Silent Wings simulation engine.

The meteorologists at storm have developed some very sophisticated weather models for predicting wave conditions, and by integrating the resulting vector fields into the Silent Wings visualisation core, we could present the results in real-time 3D on the weather briefing.

We can see some nice waves here (from the weather briefing)
In the pictures on the right you can see some of the results from these visualisations. The red lines are lift of more than 1m/s, and the blue ones are sink. By navigating the camera through the 3D scene we were able to show exactly where the wave could be expected relative to the terrain.

These results could then be verified by the pilots during the day, and in general the results were found to be quite reliable.

Nice view of the Rondane mountains
The weather was excellent, and even though the wave conditions were not the strongest, we had some really nice flights over some of the most beatiful scenery Norway has to offer.

There is also an ASK-21 loaded with special equipment that will fly this week to measure the atmosphere to verify the models from Storm, and these results will eventually be visualized and presented in the Silent Wings 3D viewer.

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