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New version of Europe scenery

Paul has made a new version of the huge Europe scenery, and this time he has used up to 20m resolution elevation data, so that all the mountains in the alps are now visible in great detail.

Performance has also been tuned, and most users should experience considerable frame rate increases with this update.

Version 1.1 of the Europe scenery is compatible with the previous version. Simply delete the old block directories and unzip the new ones into the base scenery directory (typically SilentWingsdatascenery) for the areas you wish to upgrade.

Changes :

  • The terrain elevation mesh accuracy has been drastically improved by using ~20 meter DEM data. This means that mountain ridges and peaks are now better represented, especially sharply pointed peaks such as the Matterhorn. The downside (besides taking up more space) is that older computer hardware may battle a bit with the higher resolution mesh. If you experience performance problems try lowering the terrain resolution in the graphics options in the GUI.
  • The scenery block, storage has been changed to improve performance. There should now be a large improvement in scenery loading times and the unzipping of the scenery blocks should be a lot quicker as they now contain far fewer files.
  • The scenery block, file names have been changed to reflect the actual directory names used on the hard disk when extracted. This is in order to simplify the process of installing/upgrading/replacing scenery blocks. If the new naming convention is confusing or you're unsure how to upgrade older scenery please let us know in the Technical Support forum

Go to the download page now to get it!