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Silent Wings at WGC 2004

For the first time ever, a fully realistic animation of a soaring event has been running in real time at the arena. This happened at the 3rd World Class Championship 2004, and was powered by the Silent Wings Viewer.

Gaggle before opening of start gate

Boring Soaring

Traditionally, soaring competitions have not been particularly interesting for spectators. The reason is simple. The gliders take off in the morning and stay out of sight until they return several hours later. Little is known of what happens during the flights.

With the new realtime tracking system developed by Silent Wings and NavSys in collaboration with vPos AS, this situation has dramatically changed. The spectators can now view a fully realistic real time animation of the competition at a large display screen located at the arena.

The Silent Wings Viewer was demonstrated for HRH Crown Prince Haakon of Norway during his visit at WGC 2004. (Photo by Ole Baartvedt)

Action Displayed

The system operator can position the virtual camera without limitations, showing all the action like for example gaggles, out landings and hang flying, document current standings and make it virtually possible to bring the spectators into the cockpits of the gliders.

The realtime tracking system consists of a PC running Silent Wings Viewer, a large display screen and positioning and communication boxes (vPos Trackers) mounted in the gliders.

The vPos Trackers communicate the GPS positions and other data via the GPRS network to the Silent Wings Viewer installed on the operators PC. The simulator converts the data to animations of the gliders over a photo realistic model of the competition scenery. The graphics are showed on the large display screen.

Winner of Day 1, Peter Kreiciric bites the dust.

Increased safety

The tracking system also dramatically increases the safety level. For example, at day one of WGC 2004, everyone of the about 60 pilots were outlanding. The tracking system could document it all as it happened, giving full overview of potential dangerous situations as well as useful information for bringing the pilots back to base.

Organizing an event?

If you plan to arrange a soaring event, you should contact our partner vPos AS (www.vpos.no) to learn how the tracking system can help you increase entertainment value and safety level of your arrangement.