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Norway Scenery Download

This pay scenery covers about 100 000 sq km of south eastern Norway and is based on commercial data delivered by the Norwegian Mapping Authorities. The ground details are based on 25m elevation grids. Combined with up to 2m/pixel textures, this gives an amazing sense of detail.

To read more about this product, see the Product page.

How to buy

The price of this scenery is EUR 49, and this includes free upgrades to the product. The license allows installation on up to two PC's.

To purchase this scenery, follow these steps:

  1. download the scenery files.
  2. Unzip the scenery files to the Silent Wings\data\scenery folder. (Mac Users: Drop the .zip file onto the "InstallScenery" icon in your SilentWings folder)
  3. Go to the License Manager in Silent Wings (under System on the Main menu).
  4. Select "Norway Scenery" and "Acquire License". This will take you to the online shop where you can purchase a license key.


Free Demo

If you are only planning to evaluate the scenery package, you may select to download and install only this limited size scenery:

Click to download

This demo scenery does not require a license key.

Full scenery

This scenery requires Silent Wings v1.06. Older versions will not work with the Norway scenery!

The full scenery is split into 4 parts to make the download easier. These parts can be installed separately. Just click the corresponding image below to download a block.

These files are very big (about 8-900Mb each) so it may be a good idea to use a download manager, such as GetRight or similar.

Click to download Click to download
Click to download Click to download