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How to Buy

The Silent Wings products are purchased by online payment (PayPal), credit card or bank transfer. Please read this section for a step-by-step description for how to buy.

Depending of what you have done before, you may skip one or more of the steps below.
  1. Login. Start by logging in to silentwings.no. If you don't have an account, you will need to register.

  2. Software Installation. Install the software you are going to buy. The software can be downloaded from our download page.

  3. Acquire Demo License Key. Some products permit a limited evaluation period subject to the acquisition of a Demo License Key. Start the main product, open the license manager (opens sometimes automatically) and follow instructions to acquire the Demo License Key.

  4. Purchase Full License Key. There are two methods for buying the full license key; online payment through our PayPal shopping cart or bank transfer with SWIFT/IBAN. If you can, we recommend that you use the online shop, as this is cheaper for you and gives you immediate access to the Full License Key.

    • Online Payment. Start the Silent Wings software, open the license manager (opens sometimes automatically) and follow the instructions to pay for and acquire the Full License Key. The purchase is done via the PayPal secure shopping system that accepts all major credit cards. (You do not have to register with PayPal to make a payment). It is also possible to enter the online shop directly to purchase products, and activate the license later in the Silent Wings software.

    • Payment by Bank Transfer. (a) Go to your bank and order an international bank transfer. (b) Transfer the correct amount to Silent Wings AS' bank in accordance to our bank and account information given in the contact section. (c) Make sure that the bank transfer is set up such that all bank charges are covered by you. (d) Email us at info@silentwings.no with reference information for your bank transfer, the total amount transferred and a list of all products purchased. (e) When the payment is registered by us, we will open up for download of your full license key.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask us at support@silentwings.no.