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The following is a list of all published articles, the newest on top.
( 02.07.2005 04:43 )
Another update for Silent Wings is out. This time we have fixed a few bugs as well as added an option for selecting other towplanes than the pawnee.

We have also released two new aircraft for free download! See the download page for more details
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( 08.06.2005 09:52 )
A new update for Silent Wings has been released. This is mainly a bug fixing release, but there are also a couple of new features, as well as some "behind the scenes" enhancements to support some soon to be released add-ons.
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( 13.05.2005 00:00 )
With the latest drivers from NaturalPoint®, Silent Wings now supports full 6DOF head movement using the TrackIR™ head tracking gear.
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( 20.04.2005 15:53 )
It is time for the first update of Silent Wings. This patch contains a few important bug fixes as well as some new features, including winch launch!
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( 19.04.2005 00:00 )
Silent Wings will be at the AERO 2005 expo in Friedrichshafen from thursday to sunday this week.

Here you can drop by to have a chat with the developers or buy a CD copy of Silent Wings.
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( 22.03.2005 00:00 )
Silent Wings was present at this year's wavecamp at the frozen Vågåvatn lake in Norway. We had some very nice days there with some great flying and some interesting experiments related to Silent Wings and wave models.
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( 09.03.2005 00:00 )
After a 4 month beta period, the Silent Wings Simulator version 1.0 was released on March 29th 2005. Visit our online shop to buy your copy!
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( 31.12.2004 11:49 )
Another patch is out. The most important change this time is the new license management system.
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( 24.12.2004 10:26 )
The Silent Wings team wish to thank all of you for your support in 2004, and we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Soaring Year!
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( 29.10.2004 09:54 )
A public beta version of Silent Wings is now available. Download this demo to get a feel for the Silent Wings technology.
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