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The following is a list of all published articles, the newest on top.
( 14.03.2006 15:00 )
The first commerical add-on for Silent Wings has been released! The Norway scenery is based on high-resolution geographical data from the Norwegian Mapping authorities, and is available for purchase online through our web shop.
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( 12.03.2006 20:06 )
Two new aircraft have been released for free download. This time we have two classic oldtimers, the highly popular Kaiser Ka-8b, and the (very) basic trainer SG-38.
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( 18.12.2005 20:23 )
The first commercial add-on scenery for Silent Wings is soon to be released. To get a glimpse of what to expect, we have made a small area available for free download.
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( 12.12.2005 16:07 )
After months of development the Silent Wings multiplayer patch is ready for public testing. If you're interested in flying online with people from all over the world and can live with a few occational glitches you should definitely try it out.
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( 07.12.2005 23:04 )
This scenery covers about 600 000 sq km in Europe. It includes the European Alps and extends well into Germany, France and Italy.
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( 03.10.2005 12:31 )
More free scenery for the european alps, and a small bit of Germany has been released bringing the total area up to a whopping 300 000 square km!

More areas are in production, and the free scenery will eventually cover large parts of Europe, including the Alps, Germany, France and UK.
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( 06.09.2005 15:42 )
The ASW 28 is the newest FAI standard class glider from Alexander Schleicher. This successor of the ASW24 uses almost the same fuselage as the 24, but has a completely new wing design with significantly improved performance when circling in thermals.
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( 03.09.2005 00:00 )
Silent Wings is currently at the first FAI World Sailplane Grand Prix at St. Auban, France.

Together with our tracking device partners, vPos, we are doing real-time tracking of the contestants for this big gliding event.
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( 05.08.2005 14:29 )
After a period of beta testing where it has been available on the Preview pages, The final 1.05 patch is now out. This contains quite a few enhancements as well as a few bug fixes. The most visible changes is the new daylight effects system, the improved map module and the new menu system.
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( 21.07.2005 00:00 )
Together with vPos, Silent Wings is doing tests of the real-time tracking system at the Mountain Gliding World Cup and Club Class Pre-worlds championships at Vinon this week.

To support this event we have also made two new terrain blocks for the alps scenery which can be freely downloaded.
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