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The following is a list of all published articles, the newest on top.
South Africa Scenery released
( 07.09.2006 11:22 )
A new , free add-on scenery for South Africa has been released. This scenery is done by Paul Surgeon and covers about 140000 sq.km of the South African cape. Download now for some nice southern hemisphere mountain flying!

( 01.09.2006 23:03 )
On thursday august 31, Adrian Mesbah completed the first online 1000km in Silent Wings, and maybe the first simulated 1000km soaring flight ever?
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( 19.07.2006 15:02 )
The Club and World Class World Championships are currently held in Vinon, France. They are using the vPos trackers and by downloading the Silent Wings Viewer you can follow the action live in 3D!
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( 01.07.2006 18:03 )
11 new scenery blocks for northern Italy, including the Rieti area has been added to the Europe scenery.
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( 08.06.2006 11:28 )
The 29th FAI World Gliding Championships at Eskilstuna has begun, and although the weather hasn't been the best, there has been some flying which could be followed in real-time with the Silent Wings Viewer and the vPos tracking system.
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( 02.06.2006 23:09 )
We have released another patch for the Silent Wings viewer. This contains a few changes to reduce the load on the vPos server.
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( 24.05.2006 10:59 )
Free scenery for southern sweden is now ready for download!

This scenery covers about 80 000 sq. km, and includes the competition area for the 2006 FAI World Championships in Eskilstuna.
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( 23.05.2006 14:52 )
A new beta version of the viewer has been released. This version will reduce the load a bit on the vPos server.

This version will also automatically add scenery paths and license info if you have the Silent Wings Simulator installed.
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( 22.03.2006 13:00 )
We have made most items that are downloadable from this site also available on DVDs. You can buy these DVDs at the cost of production and shipping from the shop.
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( 14.03.2006 15:10 )
After months of intensive development the Silent Wings Multiplayer upgrade is now available for download. Now you can join your buddies in the silent skies for both competitions and recreational flights.

In addition, the patch contains a lot of other improvements, read on for the details.
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