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The following is a list of all published articles, the newest on top.
Updates to Simulator and Viewer
( 28.03.2008 09:58 )
A small update to the 1.07 version of Silent Wings has been released. The main change in this version is that we now distribute the Simulator and Viewer in one package. This enables sharing of aircraft and scenery files between Simulator and Viewer.

This is also the first release of the viewer under OSX, and the viewer itself has gotten a lot of updates.

Other than that, we have made quite a few bug fixes in the simulator, especially related to joysticks on OSX and linux. You should now be able to use the CH pedals, and there is no need to calibrate the joystick by moving it in circles before starting.

We have also fixed some issues related to slow startup of the GUI, especially on windows.

Go to the download page to get it.

A beta version of the upcoming 1.08 version is also available on the forums

Silent Wings Viewer for Mac released
( 28.03.2008 09:52 )
The Silent Wings Viewer is now also released for Mac. Go to the download page to get it. Thanks to all our beta testers on our forums!

Web site unavailable this weekend
( 17.03.2008 14:39 )
Our main web server was unfortunately down this weekend (march 15. and 16.). We were just supposed to move the server from one place to another, but due to a lot of unfortunate coincidences this led to this a extended downtime.

We apologise for any inconveniences caused by this. Everything is now on it's way back up, but it may take a couple of hours before everything is fully functional again.

The Silent Wings Team

( 10.09.2007 20:54 )
The south western part of the Europe scenery has gotten a major update, with 3D forests and refreshed textures.
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( 30.07.2007 14:08 )
Paul has made a new version of the huge Europe scenery, and this time he has used up to 20m resolution elevation data, so that all the mountains in the alps are now visible in great detail.

Performance has also been tuned, and most users should experience considerable frame rate increases with this update.
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( 21.04.2007 18:53 )
Silent Wings will be present at the AERO 2007 fair in Friedrichshafen 19-21 april.

We can be found at the Lange Flugzeugbau stand, and we will be selling DVD's with both the simulator and viewer products.
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( 21.03.2007 20:18 )
The Flugservolator team
The motion cockpit flight simulator "Flugservolator" qualifies for the finals at the German Jugend Forscht competition!
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( 23.02.2007 08:32 )
After months of tweaking Paul has delivered his most detailed scenery yet! The Harris Hill scenery is based on 2m/pixel aerial photos and includes detailed 3D models of the Soaring Museum at Harris Hill.
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( 24.12.2006 14:21 )
Another year has passed at Silent Wings and we wish all our soaring friends a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!
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( 20.12.2006 11:15 )
The last of the 9 qualifying grand prix events is held in Gawler, Australia from december 30. to january 6.

In cooperation with vPos we are providing live tracking of this event, and in the spirit of the holidays, licenses for this event are free!
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