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Add-On scenery

The following is a list of all published articles, the newest on top.
( 03.08.2009 13:21 )
If you have trouble with downloading and installing scenery files for Silent Wings, this detailed step-by-step tutorial is for you!
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( 07.12.2005 23:04 )
This scenery covers about 600 000 sq km in Europe. It includes the European Alps and extends well into Germany, France and Italy.
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( 07.03.2006 16:19 )
The Minden scenery covers an area of approx. 100 000 sq km of the Sierra Nevada mountains, Lake Tahoe and Nevada desert. Fly from famous soaring sites such as Minden, Air Sailing and Tonopah and admire the fantastic scenery of the south western USA.
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( 22.02.2007 11:32 )
This scenery covers 17000 km2 of terrain around the Harris Hill Soaring Center near Elmira, NY. at 2 meters per pixel resolution.
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( 11.11.2007 18:37 )
This free add-on by Rudolf Schider is a must for all UK glider pilots, as well as everyone else who want to try gliding in the UK. Check out the Scottish wave or try a challenging x-country with weak thermals and low cloud base in southern england. Be sure to bring your Turn&Slip indicator!
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( 14.03.2006 14:07 )
This pay scenery covers about 100 000 sq km of south eastern Norway and is based on commercial data delivered by the Norwegian Mapping Authorities. The ground details are based on 25m elevation grids. Combined with up to 2m/pixel textures, this gives an amazing sense of detail.
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( 14.03.2006 14:00 )
If you are only planning to evaluate the Norway Scenery, you may select to download and install this limited size demo. This demo is free and requires no license key.
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( 23.05.2006 12:37 )
This scenery covers approximately 80 000 sq. km of southern Sweden, including the competition area for the 2006 FAI World Championships in Eskilstuna.

This scenery is required to follow the real-time tracking with vPos and Silent Wings Viewer.
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( 07.09.2006 11:15 )
This scenery covers about 140000 sq.km of the South African cape. Download now for some nice southern hemisphere mountain flying!
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( 20.12.2006 11:12 )
This scenery covers approximately 300 000 sq. km of south Australia, including Gawler and the competition area for the Australian Qualifying Grand Prix

This scenery is required to follow the real-time tracking with vPos and Silent Wings Viewer.
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